Places on our workshops can be booked individually. They are also available for tailoring and delivery within your organisation. Our workshops are engaging, challenging and practical, ensuring that participants can easily put their learning into practice back in the workplace. 


Our Principal Associate, Bridget Wilkinson, specialises in drama based learning. Where appropriate to learning outcomes professional actors are used to roleplay real-life work scenarios and issues. Delegates are then invited to suggest changes in behaviour and language to be used to achieve the required outcome. This approach allows delegates to immediately see the impact of their suggestions and decisions, thus enabling deep learning.  Delegates are not required to role play


Our development workshops

Confidence Building and Assertiveness Skills

Do you want to build successful relationships based on confident communication? Have you ever felt manipulated or have been treated without respect? This half day workshop can help you.

Customer Care

To ensure you provide exceptional service, which will build trust and loyalty with customers, enhance your organisation's reputation and lead to customer recommendations.  

(Includes drama based learning)

Creative Thinking 

To introduce you to activities and techniques that will unlock your creativity, help you generate ideas, and find creative solutions to problems.


Influencing and Persuasion Skills

Developing your skills to ensure that you always get the best possible outcomes for your client and/or business.

(includes theatre based learning)

Interpersonal and Communication Skills

Enabling you to feel confident and ready to deal with anyone in any situation.

(includes theatre based learning)

Leadership and Management (Level 1: for new managers)

This two-day course

explains the people management practices for which managers are responsible and helps you develop the essential skills and behaviours needed to succeed.

Leadership and Management Skills (Level 2)


To enhance the skills of existing managers and leaders - to boost performance and business growth. 


Networking Skills

Strengthening your skills so you can connect and develop relationships with a wealth of potential customers and suppliers.

(includes theatre based learning)


Presentation Skills and Public Speaking 

Enabling you to represent your organisation with professionalism and ease and  in doing so attract new customers.

Problem Solving 

Enabling you to effectively analyse issues, turn problems into opportunities, and find good solutions. 

Project Management (a practical introduction)

Developing the skills and knowledge that will ensure your product/service meets your quality standards and is  delivered on time and to budget.

Recruitment and Selection

Providing you will the theory and practical skills needed to be recruit excellent staff and remain compliant with the law.  

(includes drama based learning)


Providing the skills and techniques need you are able to  ‘bounce back’ from a rejection or setback.

Springboard Women's Development Programme

Empowering and enabling women to identify the clear, practical and realistic steps that they want to take to achieve their goals.

Team Building Activities

Helping you create a strong unified team, enhancing motivation, communication and performance.

Time Management

Enabling you to focus on activities that deliver the most value to your business.

Train the Trainer

This highly practical two day programme is ideal for managers, subject experts and HR staff who are required to train others as part of their role.

1 to 1 coaching

For those preferring to work on a 1 to 1 basis to develop confidence and overcome barriers to success.


Staff development testimonials


'I attended a workshop run by Bridget Wilkinson, and I can honestly say it was the best workshop I have ever been on. Bridget has a natural style that puts everyone at ease and fosters an atmosphere of learning, support and collegiality. She is outstanding at staff development, and I would always recommend a workshop where she is involved.' 


"Pam provided a bespoke teambuilding programme for our newly formed team. The team was made up of different individuals with different experiences who needed to start to pull together as a team – a real culture change for them. Pam approached this challenge in a way that recognised that not everyone loves training. Some of the team were thoroughly cynical, some “far too busy” to be there and there was even the “totally hostile” among them. Pam’s honest and open approach aligned with real expertise, engaging techniques and a lovely sense of fun made what had could have been just another corporate away day into a really great experience. Even the “totally hostile” one enjoyed the day! Not only is she really good at what she does, she is also a warm and wonderful person. I would highly recommend her!