Creative Thinking - 1 day

Purpose of the workshop:

To introduce you to activities and techniques that will unlock your creativity, help you generate ideas, and find creative solutions to problems.


Learning outcomes:

By the end of the workshop you will:


  • be aware of the importance of creativity for you and your business
  • have a greater insight into your inner creativity
  • have an awareness of your obstacles to creativity and how to overcome them 
  • have direct experience of a range of techniques and tools for sparking creativity, including
    • brainstorming,
    • nyaka,
    • merlin,
    • wrong rules,
    • mind mapping,
    • storytelling
    • visualisation;
    • trigger cards and more
  • know which techniques worked for you
  • be able to access ongoing support via the online Morgan Duell Learning Group


Led by: Pamela Morgan and Bridget Wilkinson, both Fellows of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development


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