Customer Care Workshop


Purpose of the workshop: To develop the skills and behaviours required to delight your customers, ensure they remain loyal to you and recommend you to others.

Learning outcomes: 

By the end of the workshop you will:

  • understand what customer care means in practice and the benefits it brings.
  • have identified and practised the personal skills and behaviours required to provide excellent customer service. 
  • understand the importance of adding value and exceeding expectations
  • be able to effectively manage customer complaints
  • be aware of tools and techniques to measure customer satisfaction
  • have considered your current customers' experience, identifying strengths and potential areas for improvement in service.
  • be able to access ongoing support via the online Morgan Duell Learning Group


Led by: Bridget Wilkinson, FCIPD, SFHEA and Professional Actor and Director 


Additional Resources:

All participants will receive a copy of Customer Service, from the management pocketbook series.  


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