Presentation Skills and Public Speaking



Purpose of the workshop: so you can represent your business with professionalism and ease and in doing so attract new customers.


Learning outcomes: 

By the end of the workshop you will:

  • recognise their body's response to fear and be aware of a number of techniques to deal with fear. 
  • used a structured planning tool to effectively prepare for a presentation, including:
    • identifying key messages,
    • tailoring the presentation to the audience
    • focussing on the required outcome e.g. 'informing' or 'persuading'. 
  • know how to, and have practised, responding effectively to questions
  • understand the importance of body language and be able to model confident, body language 
  • have practised techniques for voice projection
  • be mindful of the 'pros and cons of different media / visual aids. 
  • have delivered a presentation to the group, and received constructive feedback


Additional Resources:

As an aide memoir, all participants will receive a copy of Presenting, from the management pocketbook series.  


Led by: Bridget Wilkinson, FCIPD, SFHEA


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