Resilience Workshop - 1/2 day


Purpose of the workshop: so you are able to stay calm and objective when faced with a difficulty and ‘bounce back’ from a rejection or setback.


Learning outcomes:

By the end of the workshop you will:

  • be aware of the importance of resilience for you and your business 
  • understand the four key types of resilience
  • have assessed your current levels of resilience, identifying strengths and areas for development
  • have practised the use of a range of activities that will help build resilence and bounce back.
  • be aware of the 'perfectionist trap', and how to escape it.
  • have an understanding of how to build the resilience of your team.
  • have a resilience action plan for the forthcoming months.
  • be able to access ongoing support via the online Morgan Duell Learning Group


Led by: Pamela Morgan, CFIPD. MICF, ACC


Additional Resources:

All participants will receive a copy of Resilience, from the management pocketbook series.  


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