Support for Small Businesses Owners


The People Management Essentials Programme

Are you a small business owner struggling to keep up with the workload, constantly firefighting, but hesitant to employ staff to help you? Do you question your ability to recruit or effectively manage staff, or worry about being compliant with employment law?


If you answer yes to one or more of these questions, our People Management Essentials Programme is for you. It will enable you to become a confident, knowledgeable manager with the skills needed to recruit and manage excellent staff. With access to all your key HR documents, and reassurance that you are compliant with the law you can access specialist advice whenever needed.


The People Management Elite Programme


Are you a small business owner that is employing staff, or outsourcing services, who is looking to improve your people management and leadership skills, to recruit and retain excellent staff, enable your team to achieve their potential, increase productivity and grow your business. If so our People Management Elite Programme is right for you. 


Both programmes are led by Pamela Morgan and Bridget Wilkinson (Duell), Fellows of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.



Who are the programmes for?


Small Business Owners who are ambitious to grow their Businesses:


Who want to recruit and retain excellent staff

Who want the security of knowing that they are legally compliant

Who want to maximise productivity and achieve growth


 What do you get when you join our programmes?   




People Management Essentials

People Management Elite Programme

Monthly cost (excl. vat)



1 to 1 People Management Healthcheck & action planning

✓ Annually

✓ Bi-annually


Your HR Toolkit


1 to 1 HR Specialist support

HR telephone /email advice

(up to 1 hour per month)

Face to face support

(up to 1 hour per month)

1 to 1 management coaching

✓ 1 hr per quarter

✓ 1 hr bi-monthly


Complimentary access to our public staff development workshops


1 per year

2 per year

HR support with recruitment and selection process 


2 roles per year

Belbin team role report and circle workshop


40% reduction on one team report and circle workshop (max 15 staff)   


As the owner of a small business your membership will include all of the following: 


1.     One to One People Management Health Check and Action Planning 

You will spend two hours with a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, to undertake a thorough health check of your business from the people management perspective. Leaving the session with an improvement plan and priorities for action, you will then be supported over the forthcoming months to ensure you are legally compliant, and operating in line with HR best practice.


2.     Your HR Toolkit

Containing over 20 key People management templates including contracts of employment, application forms, sickness recording and annual leave, your HR Toolkit contains the essential HR documents you will need when you employ staff.


3.     One to One Specialist People Management Support

As well as your Health Check and Action Planning session, essential programme members will have access to telephone advice with Elite members offered the opportunity to meet face to face with one of our HR and Staff Development specialists for an hour each month.


4.    One to One Management Coaching

Coaching is a powerful, practical tool which can help you develop the skills and behaviours of an excellent manager. Helping you improve your performance and the performance of your staff, leading to business growth and success. Totally confidential, one to one coaching sessions are held with Pamela Morgan. our ICF Associate Certified Coach. 


5.     Access to our learning and development workshops

Essentials programme members can access one Morgan Duell cutting edge learning and development public workshops per year (two for Elite programme members). Please visit our staff development page for more information.


6.      HR specialist support with the recruitment process  

As a member of the Elite programme, our HR specialist will be on hand to support you through every stage of the recruitment process, including being by your side as you interview and issuing the contract of employment. 


7.     Belbin Team Role Report and Circle Workshop

Belbin research shows that the most successful teams are those that are made up of people who between them exhibit a range of nine different behaviours or team roles. (i.e. leader, team player, completer finisher and more). This doesn't mean you need to employ nine people, as the majority of your staff will feel comfortable operating in more than one role.


A Belbin Team Role Report will assess how your team members work together, who naturally takes on which roles and where there may be gaps or potential areas for development. In the Circle Workshop, preferred team roles are shared within the team and team strengths, dynamics and potential weaknesses highlighted. All roles are of equal importance and by gaining a better understanding of individual and collective contributions, teamwork is enhanced and productivity increases. 


Due to Launch 24th February 2019