For small organisations and charities, without dedicated HR staff


Human Resource policies, procedures and projects can feel daunting if you do not deal with them all the time. That is where Pam and Bridget can help. Highly qualified and experienced, we offer recruitment support, policies, case management and template documents for all your people management needs. 


Take advantage of our free no-obligation 1-hour introductory advice session                                                             

For larger organisations with an existing HR department 


For organisations with existing HR functions, we provide an extra pair of highly qualified, skilled and experienced hands. Partnering you on strategic and operational issues, leading discrete projects or simply taking the pressure off when resources are stretched. 


Detailed below are some of the practical support services we offer. If you can't find what you are looking for, please contact us. 


If you are seeking support at a more strategic level, please visit our organisational development page 



Our HR services


Services include:

  • End to end recruitment processes
  • Drafting job descriptions 
  • Advertising
  • Shortlisting
  • Attendance on interview panels
  • Psychometric testing 
  • Recruitment training for managers and HR staff 


Services include:

  • Creation of staff induction
  • Handbooks
  • Design of induction programmes
  • Creation of online induction portals
  • Induction training for managers
  • Evaluation of exisiting induction arrangements

HR Policies and Procedures

Services include:

  • Creation of new, or review and refresh, of existing HR policies and procedures
  • Bespoke Employee Handbooks 
  • Training for HR and managers in the application of policy  


Staff mentoring schemes

Our services:

  • Introduction of new mentoring schemes 
  • Review and refresh existing schemes
  • Training for prospective mentors and scheme administrators


Absence Management

Services include:

  • Design of absence management policies, procedures and template documents
  • Trend analysis
  • Employee Assistant Programmes
  • Management reporting and training HR staff and managers

Employee relations

Services include:

  • Supporting managers with disciplinary or grievance processes
  • Redundancy exercises 
  • Drafting related documents
  • Changes to terms and conditions.
  • Training for HR staff and managers 

Performance management/Appraisal

Services include

  • Design and introduction of performance management policies and processes
  • Review and refresh existing practices, procedures and related documents. 
  • Competency Frameworks
  • Management training 

Pay and Benefits 

Services include:

  • Pay reviews
  • Design and implementation of pay structures 
  • Performance related pay 
  • Employee benefits and discount schemes
  • Equal Pay Audits
  • Job Evaluation (including Training for Managers)

Template documents

Forms and correspondence templates available for:

  • Recruitment
  • Disciplinary and grievance
  • Absence management
  • Pay and Benefits
  • Performance management/appraisal
  • Induction
  • Health and Safety and more...

Human resources testimonials


'Pam was instrumental in the original genesis of our staff mentoring programme. Pam demonstrates a real understanding for the mentoring issues in the life of an academic, both as a mentor and a mentee, provided a unique insight that results in excellent workshop participant satisfaction scores. She has helped us set up our maternity/paternity mentoring scheme and provided a steady sounding board for new ideas, helping us move towards best practice, and encouraging us throughout our journey.' Dr. Nicola Englyst, Chair of Faculty of Medicine Mentoring Scheme, University of Southampton.


'Bridget has worked with Open Sight (Charity no: 1055498) where her focus has been on enhancing our ability to recruit and manage volunteer staff. She managed to cover a lot of ground in a matter of weeks, training staff and researching strategies and applications which meet our needs for minimal costs - she quickly sourced options that will be fast and simple to implement and at low cost, clearly saving us productivity losses and financial outlay in the longer term.  Throughout, she has demonstrated a sensitivity to staff concerns and quickly gained their trust and enthusiasm. The quality and speed of output and impact that Bridget has demonstrated mean I have no hesitation in recommending her.'Visiting Services Manager, Open Sight Charity