Organisational Development - Getting from A to B


As the name suggests, organisational development is about helping your organisation move forward to where you want it to be. To explain, imagine where you want your organisation to be in the future (point B), now consider its current position (point A). Organisation development is a systematic approach of analysing, planning and changing that will help you and your staff take your organisation from point A to point B.


Not always a straight path


As well as external factors, there are many internal aspects of your organisation that may be affecting its level of success. These include culture, staffing structures, skill and knowledge levels, communications, leadership style, management capability or capacity, technology, systems, product range, processes and more. All aspects of your organisation are interrelated, make a change to one and there will be an impact on others. (e.g. Introduce a new type of machinery and the skills and knowledge of staff will need to change in order that it can be operated effectively).  


Therefore, in plotting the best path from A to B, effective Organisational Development, will enable you to successfully identify, plan for and manage these interrelationships every step of the way. 


Our service


MorganDuell will:

  • Listen and gain a thorough understanding of your point A and point B
  • Identify obstacles or aspects of the organisation, that may be hampering your progress
  • Make practical suggestions as to how these obstacles can be overcome, or aspects changed
  • Prepare management reports and presentations as required
  • Work in partnership with you to create your action plan
  • Help you determine performance indicators by which to assess the impact
  • Support you to implement your action plan
  • Assist you with monitoring and evaluation 
  • Review progress and suggest areas for further development as applicable




As every OD project is unique, please contact us for a free no-obligation scoping session and quote.  




'Bridget is a pragmatic and intelligent leader and her insights were key in the development of our organisation's People Strategy. Able to understand both local issues and the wider Government driven agenda she provided input to ensure that our priorities were aligned with both national and local agendas. Her experience and relationship-building skills helped to drive substantial change while working closely with the Unions on challenging issues. Bridget's breadth of skills and leadership style would be of value to any organisation, in particular, those trying to drive change in a challenging environment. A pleasure to work with, I unreservedly recommend her as an HR Leader'  Southampton City Council


 "Pam understands that managing major organisational change often causes stress and uncertainty for staff and her empathic skills provide calm and practical approaches that develop staffs’ confidence in the future. She balances a friendly manner with an authoritative knowledge of managing organisational change. I would have no hesitation in recommending her engagement in staff developmental programmes." Pat Usher MBE