Are you a small business owner struggling with some of the aspects of running your business? 

Do you question your skills and ability to manage and grow a successful business?

Do you feel that your lack of skill or confidence may actually be holding you back?


If you answer 'yes' to one or more of these questions, you are not alone and our Personal Development Programme is for you.

Personal and Team Development for Small Business Owners (SBOs)


To achieve success, a Small Business Owner (SBO) has to develop many skills, such as marketing, finance and sales to name a few. But the core skills holding them back are often the personal skills required to succeed and achieve their growth ambitions. These include: 

  1. Confidence and Assertiveness: so you can always act in the best interest of your business. 
  2. Customer Care: to ensure customers remain loyal to you and recommend you to others.
  3. Creativity and Innovation:  so you can generate ideas, and find creative solutions to problems.
  4. Interpersonal & Communication skills:  so you feel confident and ready to deal with Anyone in all situations.
  5. Influencing and Persuasion: to ensure that you get the best possible outcomes for your business.
  6. Networking: so you can connect and build relationships with potential customers and suppliers.
  7. Presentation Skills and Public Speaking: to represent your business with professionalism and attract new customers.
  8. Problem Solving: to ensure you are able to analyse issues and find the best solutions. 
  9. Project Management: to ensure that your product/service is delivered on time and to budget.
  10. Resilience: so you are able to  ‘bounce back’ from a rejection or setback.
  11. Time Management: so you can focus on activities that deliver the most value to your business.
 And much more.
These are the gaps that the Personal Development Programme are able to fill, ensuring you have the resources for achieving your growth ambitions. (see our development workshops) 

The SBO Team Development and Growth Programme


Our Team Development and Growth Programme is right for you if you already employ staff, or are about to do so. 
As well as having access to all development opportunities in the Personal Development Programme, it will help you to develop the knowledge and skills needed to effectively lead and manage your team, to consistently recruit and retain excellent staff, and enable your team  to achieve their full potential, both as individuals and as a  group - helping you to increase productivity and grow your business.
What do the packages include?




SBO Personal Development Programme

SBO Team Development and Growth Programme



Who is it for?

For sole traders and small business owners who wish to grow their business by developing their personal skills  For small business owners who wish to increase productivity and achieve growth through the development of their team. 

Monthly cost 



1 to 1 Personal Skills Audit and creation of a Personalised Development Plan 





1 to 1 coaching


1 hr per quarter


1 hr bi-monthly

Complimentary access to our SBO development workshops


2 per year


3 per year

1 to 1 Progress Review & Goal Setting Meetings. (against agreed personal development goals) 

Every six months


Every six months, including team development goals.

Access to skill development resource bank  (online) - From June 2019
Access to members only facebook group, for ongoing support and advice from mentor and peers


Specialist HR support with the recruitment of new team member/outsourced service provider  

1 role/provider per year


2 roles per year

Team Skills Audit and creation of Team Development Plan   X


Annually (max 12 staff)  

Management Personality Profile report (OPQ), feedback and action planning X


Belbin team role report and circle workshop


40% reduction on one team report and circle workshop (max 8 staff)   

Staff appraisal toolkit

(containing templates and guidance notes) 

Specialist HR support  X

10% reduction on Morgan Duell HR Services



More details

Personal and Team Development Programmes[...]
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"Pam’s enthusiasm and can-do attitude make it a particular pleasure to work with and to learn from her."  ~ G. Clough
"I highly recommend Pam as a coach. I feel ready to take on the world!" ~ M. Alexander-Grout.
"Bridget has a natural style that puts everyone at ease and fosters an atmosphere of learning and support. She is outstanding at development, and I would always recommend a workshop where she is involved."  ~ J. Holloway
"Great coaching and fantastic services, helping me reach my goals despite my disability. I would highly recommend Morgan Duell Associates." ~ Z. Hanscombe

What next?


If you are interested in joining the 'Personal Development' or 'Team Development and Growth' programme, please contact us to book your FREE no-obligation, 30 minute, 'Initial Exploratory Call. This will give us the chance to see if you need our support, and whether we are a good fit.